Bling King at Mall of the Emirates

Most grab claw crane games have the same old prizes – cuddly toys and teddies that appeal to kids. But what about us grown-ups? Don’t we deserve a bit of arcade fun occasionally? Well, if you love your bling, you’ll go nuts for Bling King. This is a traditional claw grabber game just like the ones your kids play, but this time the prize booth is stuffed to the top with fabulous jewellery and some serious bling!

We know that you’ll be pretending to be the world’s greatest jewel thief as you play this skilful game too, ‘Raffles’! But are you good enough to grab the big prizes? Do you have that delicate touch that will get you those shiny necklaces or that watch? We’ll be honest here – you’re not going to start pulling out thousands of dollars in diamonds at Bling King, but the quality of the jewellery on offer is surprisingly good and will look good gracing the wrists and necks of any stylish young professional. (It’s also a great idea if you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday and need a present in a hurry!)

You’ll be able to see exactly what’s on offer, thanks to the black flannelette jewellery display, and the whole thing is brightly lit with spotlights so you can see which pieces to go for. If you get lucky, the prize shute is designed to protect the jewellery from damage as it falls, so it lands in perfect condition.

Bling King is a must-play for gamers who also love a bit of bling – after all, why should the kids have all the fun? Try Bling King at Magic Planet and see if you can grab something sparkly the next time you head for our arcade games!

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