Drop The Hook at Mall of the Emirates

If you love grab claw crane games, you’ll love Drop the Hook. This takes the original concept of the classic claw game you’ll see in every arcade around the world and puts a new twist on it. Don’t worry – you’ve still got the skill element in the game: you’ll need a good eye and accuracy to make sure you Drop the Hook into the hole without hitting the sides.

This easy-to-understand game is great for kids as well as grown-ups, and if you get it right, you’ll instantly get a prize rather than tickets, which makes it even more attractive! Your aim (if you’ll pardon the pun!) is to navigate the plunger over one of six different-shaped targets. You can aim for a triangle, square, diamond, heart, a gear cog and even a four-leafed clover. Each one corresponds with a particular prize, so you can choose exactly which one to go for.

Push the first button to manoeuvre the plunger to the left, and then button two to move it forward until you think you’re over the target. If you’re sure you’re in the right place then let go of the button, and see if the plunger goes into the hole. If it goes all the way in, you’ve won!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, take it from us, it’s a lot more challenging to get that plunger in exactly the right position! But if you do, the prize reward sequence is activated and your prize drops into the bin below so you can take it home with you straight away. It might be just two buttons, but this game is all about accuracy and precision – get it wrong by just a millimetre or two and you’ll have to try again!

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