Pick N Mix at Marina Mall

If you fancy a sweet treat before heading over to the next arcade game at Magic Planet, we’ve got you covered. Our Pick N Mix vending machines are the world’s first digital sweet vending machines, giving you a great selection of family favourites from sweet producers like Haribo. Put your money in, and the machine delivers a cup full to the brim of yummy sweets that you can munch while you’re playing your next game.

Rather than dipping into a pile of sweets that have been handled by lots of other people, Pick N Mix vending machines mix a selection of ten different types of sweets into one cup and deposit it in the retrieval tray at the bottom. That means mums and dads can have a little peace of mind that their kids’ sweets are hygienically dispensed, and ready-mixed for even more fun. Just use the touchscreen panel interface, pay your money, and in a few seconds, you’ll have around 200g of tasty treats to nibble on.

The machines are all CE marked and country-compliant, so you can be sure that the sweets inside are not only hygienically dispensed and stored, but they adhere to all food registration legislation in the UAE.

A bag of mixed sweets at the weekend is part of everyone’s childhood, and the Pick N Mix candy vending machine brings that idea right up to date. A visit to the Pick N Mix vending machine is a must if you’ve got a sweet tooth, have the kids with you and want to give them a special treat, or just for a bit of indulgence! After all, you’re going to need a burst of energy to play all those games at Magic Planet!

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