Prize Cube at Mall of the Emirates

When it comes to crane games, things don’t get much more exciting or challenging than the Prize Cube. You’ll need all your dexterity and focus to prise a prize from the playfield floor, using the dangling grabber. It’s a traditional grabber game, but it’s been upgraded for the 21st century so expect a more challenging, sensory game that really captures your imagination as well as honing your ‘grabbing skills’.

If you’re coming to Magic Planet, the Prize Cube game is easy to spot. Bright LEDs trace colour-changing patterns around the edges of the booth, which is stuffed with a range of tempting prizes, just waiting for you to get your claws on them. It’s one of our favourites, and we know all of our customers love Prize Cube too, so there might even be a bit of a queue while your fellow competitors try and grab that prize you’ve got your eye on!

Use the glittery joystick to get the grabber into the perfect position. Once you’re ready, hit the pushbutton and watch the claw drop towards its intended target. If you’ve judged things right, you’ll be rewarded with a prize. If not, you can try again – but hurry, as the countdown timer is racing against you!

Prize Cube is perfect for younger players and those who are old enough to remember the original ‘drag and drop’ crane games. Accompanied by motivational music, you’ll need to keep your cool and rely on your hand/eye co-ordination to get the goodies you want.

Magic Planet strives to offer fun and entertainment to gamers of all abilities and ages. Prize Cube is a superb and stimulating for the whole family to enjoy. Cheer each other on or play against each other on our array of Prize Cube booths. May the best claw win!

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