Screwdriver at Mall of the Emirates

For a game that’ll really test your hand/eye coordination and judgement, Screw Driver is the ultimate challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to be a master carpenter to win, but you will need to employ some precision to win one of the exciting prizes!

Screw Driver turns the ‘grab and drop’ gaming concept on its head, quite literally! Instead of dangling a grabber over a toy, you’re in charge of a spinning, cross-head screwdriver. Ahead of you, on the rear wall of the booth are eight, oversized screwheads, each one attached to a particular prize. Using the joystick and the pushbuttons, your job is to perfectly align your screwdriver with the screwhead that lights up, before sending it spinning forward.

If your aim is true, the screwdriver will slot into the screwhead and unscrew it, sending the prize into the chute below. However, if you’re a little bit off, the screwdriver will spin hopelessly against the screw and you’ll have to try again.

‘Measure twice and cut once’ is a popular phrase in the building trade, to ensure the perfect cut of wood. However, this game may not give you too much time to do that, as you’re up against the clock when you play Screw Driver. It’s a skilled game, and you have to assess the distance and height of your screwdriver before you send it whirling away. Get it wrong, and you’ll need another go to unscrew that tempting prize.

At Magic Planet, our games are designed to offer on-the-spot entertainment. Screw Driver is ideal for teenagers and older gamers who have the focus and ability to hit their target. Screw your courage to the sticking place and you might win big!

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