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  • Prize Cube at Magic Planet

    Prize Cube

    When it comes to crane games, things don’t get much more exciting or challenging than the Prize Cube. You’ll need...

  • E-Claw game at Magic Planet Al Jimi Mall


    It might be one of the oldest and best-known of all arcade games, but claw grabbers are still as popular today as when they f...

  • Color Match game at Magic Planet Al Jimi Mall

    Color Match

    This innovative and brand-new game is very different from the usual shoot-em-ups that you’ll find in most arcades. This...

  • Winners' Ringer game at Magic Planet Al Jimi Mall

    Winners Ringer

    We love challenging games at Magic Planet, and Winner’s Ringer is certainly that – depending on how far you want...

  • Candy Factory game at Magic Planet Al Jimi Mall

    Candy Factory

    Who doesn’t love a little bag of sweet candy to nibble on while you’re playing arcade games? What’s even be...

  • Bling King game at Magic Planet Al Jimi Mall

    Bling King

    Most grab claw crane games have the same old prizes – cuddly toys and teddies that appeal to kids. But what about us gr...

  • Trap Door at Magic Planet

    Trap Door

    If you like a game that really gets your head in a spin, then look no further than Trap Door. You’ll need to keep your head a...

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