Deal or No Deal at Mall of the Emirates

Are you ready to accept the banker’s offer? Or do you think your next choice could land you the big prize? Deal or No Deal has swept the world as one of the most popular TV game shows in the last ten years. The concept is simple – is the value of your case higher or lower than the deal the Banker is offering you?

You eliminate each case in turn, hoping that you don’t turn away the big prizes as you go! At some point, the Banker might offer you a deal – do you take it or do you keep playing, hoping that the deal in your case is better and worth more? It’s all down to how you play, and whether you’re prepared to gamble for that bigger prize or take the Banker’s offer.

Taking its cue from the TV smash-hit, Deal or No Deal is a thrilling arcade game that’s unlike anything else you’ll see at Magic Planet. It’s a test of nerve, judgement, and skill – can you work out which case has the best deal, or have you been sitting on the winning case the whole time? Do you take the Banker’s deal, or do you hold your nerve?

We know you’ll love playing this game, and the higher the prize, the more tickets you’ll get to spend in our Prize Shop. It might be a very simple idea, but it’s strangely addictive, as millions of TV viewers around the world will tell you!

The game is designed to make you really feel as if you’re part of the game, and we guarantee your heart will be pounding every time a case is opened. Your friends and family can watch all the action on the full-colour screen, and they’ll definitely be cheering you on as you play Deal or No Deal at Magic Planet.

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