Down The Clown at City Centre Mirdif (North)

We love retro style games at Magic Planet, and Down the Clown has to be one of our favourites. This variation on the traditional ‘Coconut Shy’, where balls are thrown at coconuts to knock them off their stands, sees players throwing balls at rows of clowns to knock them down. The clowns are real, handmade models with plenty of detail, right down to the red noses and giant shoes!

All the while you’ll be encouraged, cajoled, or even occasionally heckled (depending on how often you miss!) by a ‘Carnie’ voice, who’ll comment on your throwing skills and accuracy! You can play on your own, or with a friend to see who manages to knock down the most clowns in the allotted time. You can have as many throws as you want in the time allowed, but it’s accuracy that counts in this game.

Decorated in authentic, classic carnival-style, this game is simple, but great fun! The bright colours and carnival atmosphere makes it a particular favourite with kids, who just love knocking those clowns down. The clowns are different sizes and worth different amounts of points, so aim for the smaller, harder-to-hit ones and you’ll earn bigger bonuses.

At the end of your game you can see your high score on the readout, and you’ll win tickets that you can then ‘spend’ in our Prize Shop on a huge range of prizes. If you hit the big bonus button, you’ll score even more points, and win even more tickets.

Transport yourself back to your childhood, with memories of visits to the fair, that iconic fairground music, and the bright lights of Down the Clown at Magic Planet.

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