Ticket Circus at Mall of the Emirates

Roll up, roll up, it’s time to head to the circus and try and win some serious prizes at Ticket Circus. With classic circus graphics and a bright, attractive look, this is a game that will appeal to circus lovers of all ages.

Based on the classic ‘Penny Drop’ game, it’s your job to push as many items as possible over the edge to win tickets. All items on the playfield represent a ticket value and the same value of steps on the bonus wheel as well. The more you play, the more tickets you can collect and the more goes on the bonus wheel you get.

Keep playing and you could amass a serious amount of tickets to spend at our fabulous Prize Store. Everyone’s a winner, and with all those happy clowns and bright colours, it certainly appeals to younger players who may be a little bit intimidated by other types of arcade shoot-em-up games.

Each time you play, a red LED light moves forward on the bonus wheel. If you manage to stop the light right on the bonus area, you collect all those lovely extra tickets. The bonus then resets to the minimum and you can start playing again. If you don’t win, it keeps on going up, and gives you some extra tokens to play, so who knows? You might win big the second time around!

You get your tickets straight away, so you don’t have to do anything other than keep on playing to get more and more prizes in our Prize Shop. At Magic Planet, we love these retro-style games, and we know our customers do too. They’re designed to appeal to all ages and are just as much fun for grown-ups as they are for the younger players. The great bit? You get to choose your own prize, depending on how many tickets you win!

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