Clowning Around at Mall of the Emirates

Are you ready for some japes and a bit of clowning around? This fun game for all ages tests your aim and your coordination to send your clown to the top of the tower and ring the bell before your opponent. It takes skill, though, so make sure you’re bang on target every time. The aim of Clownin' Around is to drive four balls up the playing field using a water jet and place the balls into 4 different holes. The winner is the clown that reaches the top first.

This game is trickier than you might think, so it really tests your skills and accuracy. It’s a great game for kids who want to develop their hand-eye coordination, and to be honest, we’ve seen some adults playing this at Magic Planet who could do with a bit of practice too! The bright, colourful clowns will certainly appeal to younger players, and the way the legs get longer and longer is bound to raise a few smiles, especially with those stripy tights on show!

It’s a two-player game, so you can go head to head with a friend, or your youngest can take on Dad and see if they can outshoot him. The gameplay is fast and furious, so you’ll need to be quick to get all four balls in their holes and send your clown up to the top of the tower before time’s up.

With catchy tunes, bright graphics, and the chance to give those targets a good soaking with a powerful jet of water, it’s no surprise that kids absolutely love Clownin’ Around. And with a choice of great prizes on offer, you’ll want to keep going to win more tickets to redeem in our gift shop afterwards. So why not spend the afternoon ‘Clownin’ Around’ at Magic Planet?

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