Batman at City Centre Mirdif (North)

Are you a hero or a villain? Dare you take on the mantle of Batman, and defeat the dastardly plans of Penguin, or decipher the dark and twisted evil plans of the Joker? Batman is one of the world’s most famous superheroes, who represents honour and justice but with that dark, mysterious and edgy side to him that makes us love him all the more. Become Batman and climb onboard one of 10 of the original Batmobiles, from the first version that appeared on TV screens back in the 1960s to the very latest versions.

The aim is to chase down your opponent on a mission-based adventure. Not only is this an incredibly immersive driving game, but you’ve got the chance to shoot missiles and weapons at your enemies too. You’ll feel the launch of a missile from your specially-designed seat, with a control button on the steering wheel for faster reactions and more realistic game-play.

You won’t be able to miss our Batman game at Magic Planet – just look for the huge, glowing Batsignal above! Sit down, settle in, and choose from any one of 36 missions, ranging from easy for novice gamers, to hard for those who really know the Gotham streets. Get really good, and you’ve got six power-ups to go for, including jump jet, Batarang, cannon, drone, missiles and a battering ram that’ll take down any door.

Take things up above the dark and dangerous streets and into the night sky with aerial missions that put you in charge of ‘The Bat’, and take part in one of three epic villain battles to see who will finally claim Gotham City as their own. This incredible, immersive and utterly addictive game is a must for all gamers, and whether you’re a DC or a Marvel Universe lover, Batman speaks to the hero inside all of us. To the Batcave, Robin!

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