Daytona at City Centre Mirdif (North)

Get ready for one of the most exciting racing games you can play without having to actually get into a racing car! Daytona USA is regarded as the ‘Holy Grail of arcade racing’ and once you get settled into the gaming chair, grab hold of that steering wheel and hit ‘Start’, you’ll see why!

Fast and furious is the only way to describe Daytona USA. Choose from six different tracks to race around – three classics that have been remastered to enhance the driver experience, and three brand new tracks that’ll test the abilities of even the most committed arcade racing addict.

While you might be doing the driving, your friends and family can cheer you on from the stands, as there’s a hyper-real spectator video board where everyone can watch the on-track action. Fancy seeing just how good you are against your friends? Go into party tournament mode and see who’s got skills, and who could do with a few more driving lessons. Go head-to-head with the two-player mode, or get four or even eight of you lined up on the starting grid, waiting for the lights to go green.

A 47” LED screen puts you right in the heart of the action, and we guarantee every track is exciting enough to raise your heart rate. The brand new tracks include the mighty Daytona International Speedway track, freshly renovated and ready to challenge the most capable drivers and racers.

Daytona USA may be an ‘old school’ track racing game, but it’s been revived, refreshed, and fully updated for the 21st century. Upgraded graphics and audio soundtrack gives you a fully immersive experience, so whether it’s your first time on the grid or the hundredth, you’ll come away wanting more. It’s family-friendly, so everyone can have a go, even those who may be too young to have their real driving licence yet!

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