Skate Air Hockey at Matajer Al Juraina

If you’re an air hockey fan and are wondering what kicked off the whole ‘curved table’ craze, may we introduce you to the granddaddy of curved tables? Skate Air Hockey was ground-breaking when it first came out, and it’s ‘half-pipe’ curved surface sent what was pretty static gameplay into another dimension – literally!

This model is what started a whole new series of air hockey table designs which are joined by Wik’s Storm and Big Wave models. The curved surface draws players in who are looking for something a little different from the usual air hockey experience. The curved surface isn’t just a gimmick, though – it captures and retains the cushion of compressed air so that the puck is moved around with minimum friction. That results in much faster gameplay and a more exciting experience.

The table is created from durable polycarbonate materials so it’s perfectly capable of putting up with the occasional knock or bump. Bright, bold LED lighting effects in both the playfield surface and in the legs are not only attractive, but they give you a better view of the playing field, so you can see exactly what your opponent is planning!

Using the latest generation of Wik’s weatherproof design, the table can be used indoors or outdoors without the need for a cover. Polycarbonate safety barriers are also placed on the sides and in the centre to cut down on flying pucks, so it’s safer for players, as well as keeping the puck in play. No more trying to find it underneath the coffee machine as it flies off the table yet again!

At Magic Planet, we love our air hockey, and we love retro-style games too. Skate Air Hockey may be ‘Old School’, but it delivers plenty of thrills and challenges, even if you’re an experienced player. Why not head on down to Magic Planet and see if you can tame the Skate table?

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