The Walking Dead at Mall of the Emirates

Grab your crossbow and prepare to go toe to toe with zombies – the undead have made it into the Magic Planet compound and are launching an all-out attack! The Walking Dead has been a worldwide phenomenon, and Arcade legends Raw Thrills have now brought it to a leisure complex near you with this new cabinet game. Team up with someone you can trust (and preferably someone who hasn’t been bitten recently!) and try to turn back the tide of these gruesome enemies as they march relentlessly towards you.

This luxury arcade cabinet features seats for two, a pair of crossbow light guns, and even a life-size animated Walker that leaps out of the back of the unit. This is world-class gameplay, and in our opinion, not for the fainthearted!

Line up your crossbow and move carefully through the game to try and find somewhere safe to hide. The trouble is, those pesky zombies have got other ideas, and there’s only one thing on their minds – your brains! The best way to stop them from treating you as a light snack is to go for a headshot with your crossbow. As you progress you can build up your arsenal, including all kinds of gruesome, improvised weapons like nailguns, crowbars and knives. You’ll also team up with fellow apocalypse survivors along the way too. That’s not an altruistic act either – the more people you save, the more health bonuses you get.

This immersive cabinet has plenty of shock value. It’s fully enclosed (so not good if you’re a bit on the claustrophobic side), and the enormous LED screen puts you right up close and personal to your zombie foe.

Don’t play this game alone – we tried it once and couldn’t sleep for a week! This is definitely not a game for younger players, but if you’re a real WD fan, then this is the game for you!

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