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  • Birthday Party Package ( 1 - 8 yrs.)

Birthday Party Package ( 1 - 8 yrs.)


Unlimitted Fun for 2 Hours
  • Soft Play Access
  • Gift for the Celebrant
  • Main Rides: Mini Convoy
  • Video Games & Kiddie Rides

Your Package Includes:

  • Kids meal
  • Balloon decorations
    (assorted colors)
  • Wrist band for all kids
  • Tissue, plates, forks
    and candles
  • Assorted goodie bags
  • 1 free card loaded with 2 standard free games
  • Face painting
  • Appropriate
Terms & Conditions
  • Magic Planet Rules and Regulations should be followed at all times
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change

Planning a Party or Event?

  • When and where will you hold your event?

    Try to find a time and a place to suit as many people as possible.

  • How many people are you going to be inviting?

    Decide on numbers before you choose your event package.

  • What sort of activities will you want to do?

    Remember to try and cater to all tastes - not everyone will want fast rides and obstacle courses!

  • What’s your budget?

    Know how much you’d like to spend before looking for an event package to suit.

  • Do you want any added extras?

    Magic Planet can provide a range of optional extras to make your event that little bit more magical!

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