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Magic Planet Play Points Programe is update


Our loyalty program Play Points has been updated. You’ll now be able to enjoy all the rewards from the program by renewing your membership a monthly basis instead of yearly.
Play Points members will now get additional free games until the end of the year. Our VIP members will get one free Blue Swiper game whereas the Gold members will get three free Blue Swiper games on every package top-up.

Please note: The exclusive discounts on games, rides, attractions and daily free games for both Gold and VIP members will now no longer be available. Also, please ensure your Play Points card is with you when you top up at our stores.

Visit the website to sign up for our new monthly membership program.
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Redemption Tickets

Use your Magic Planet Card to win orange tickets from our great redemption games! You will find these at all Magic Planet stores. Collect and trade them for amazing toys, gadgets, phones and more! Our amazing Prize Shops are located in the majority of our Magic Planet Stores. Simply win the orange tickets, feed them into the ticket counters and swipe your card to collect them. Then you can visit the Prize Shop to choose your Magic Planet goodies!

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Redeem Prizes at our redemption stores

Check out the incredible Prize Shop Store to swap reward points for cool Magic Planet merchandise. Simply load the tickets you have won through play onto your Magic Planet Card, and use your tickets to get your hands on some must-have Magic Planet gifts.

A fantastic way to win rewards as you play, the more tickets you collect, the higher the value of the items you can buy. Visit the Magic Planet Online Redemption Store to check out the incredible range of goodies on offer, and start swiping and winning today!

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Ticket Stations

You can easily upload the tickets you have earned to your Magic Planet Card and check your balance. Ticket Stations or “Counting Machines “ are placed near the Magic Planet Prize Shop and all you have to do is load up your tickets and swipe your card to have them added to your account.

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ENROLL FOR PLAY POINTS AND GET REWARDED FOR GAMINGThe Beginning of a Fun, Rewarding Experience

With Magic Planet's loyalty program, you will be signed up automatically and you can earn rewards simply for having fun! Sign up for this fantastic loyalty program and earn points as you play, then redeem your points to keep the adventure going. For every 1 EGP you spend, your Magic Planet Play Points Card will be credited with a point which will help boost your membership level and give you access to even greater rewards.

Play Points VIP Silver Card
Spend KES 50,000 exclusive VAT throughout Magic Planet outlets
  • Exclusive discounts across gamesl /li>
Play Points VIP Gold Card
Spend KES 130,000 throughout Magic Planet outlets.
  • Personalised Magic Planet Gold Card
  • Exclusive discounts acreoss all game, rides and attractions
  • 1 free game per day
  • 20% off High value* Magic Planet Redemption items
  • 500 Magic Planet Tickets
  • *High Value items are 5000+tickets

Lost Your Card?

Step 1:Simply log in to your Magic Planet account

Step 2:Click on the ‘Lost Card’ option and confirm that you would like your card to be blocked to prevent further transactions

Step 3:Visit the Magic Planet store with some form of identification and speak to a member of staff to claim your replacement card


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