Magic Planet Play Points Loyalty Program

Magic Planet Play Points Programe is update


There are three levels of membership – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – and you move up the tiers according to the number of points collected within a year. Every 1 AED is equal to 1 Magic Planet Play Point, so the higher your points level, the better the rewards and prizes you can win with Magic Planet UAE!

When you sign up for the Magic Planet Play Points program, it really does pay to play! Join now to be rewarded for having fun at Magic Planet. You can now register your card and create an online account which you can then use to view your Magic Planet Play Points and rewards. You can also use your account to top-up your card balance, check out the redemption prizes available to you and watch as you climb the levels towards even greater rewards.



Earn 1,500 points and start earning rewards from Magic Planet! We have amazing rewards for the three Play Points levels.

Play Points Silver Card
Spend AED 1,500 at Magic Planet in one year qualifies you for Silver status for that year!
  • 10 Bonus Games/ Rides*
  • 20% OFF on First time iFlyer Ticket
  • 20% OFF on Little Explorers Ticket
  • 1 Daily Bonus Game*
Play Points Gold Card
Spend AED 7,000 at Magic Planet in one year qualifies you for Gold status for that year!
  • 20 Bonus Games/ Rides*
  • 1 First time iFlyer Ticket
  • 50% OFF on Ski Dubai Polar Pass Ticket
  • 50% OFF on Little Explorers Ticket
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions
  • 2 Daily Bonus Games*
Play Points Platinum Card
Spend AED 15,000 at Magic Planet in one year qualifies you for Platinum status for that year!
  • 30 Bonus Games/ Rides*
  • 1 Ski Dubai Polar Pass Ticket
  • VIP Invites to all new rides and attractions
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions
  • 3 Daily Bonus Games*
* Applicable on video games and rides only

Lost Your Card?

Step 1:Simply log in to your Magic Planet account

Step 2:Click on the ‘Lost Card’ option and confirm that you would like your card to be blocked to prevent further transactions

Step 3:Visit the Magic Planet store with some form of identification and speak to a member of staff to claim your replacement card


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