Candy Factory at Burjuman

Who doesn’t love a little bag of sweet candy to nibble on while you’re playing arcade games? What’s even better with this adorable, kid-friendly game is that you get to play a classic grabber crane game, and you’re guaranteed some candy with each scoop!

Candy Factory is designed to look like a digger, with a friendly driver. He’s happy to hand the controls over to you, though, and by manoeuvring the grabber you can scoop up some candy from the big pile and deposit it into the prize zone. It’s a dinky little game, perfectly suited for smaller players, and is definitely one of our customers’ favourite candy dispensers. Here at Magic Planet, we want to make gaming and gameplay inclusive for everyone, so we’ve made sure little ones don’t feel left out, with their very own game to play. Because you get a scoop of sweets with each go, nobody ever leaves the Candy Factory disappointed!

The crane is operated by a joystick, so it’s much more accurate than the usual claw-type grabber games. Pop a coin in and move the scoop into position – look for your favourite sweets in the pile and drop the scoop over them. It’ll grab a handful of treats and drop them into the prize bin.

Because the scoops are quite small, parents don’t need to worry that their kids are getting too much candy in one go – it’s just enough to keep little faces smiling! And if you run out? Well, you can always go back to the Candy Factory and see what else you can scoop up!

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