Color Match at City Centre Me'aisem

This innovative and brand-new game is very different from the usual shoot-em-ups that you’ll find in most arcades. This challenges your skill in matching colours and reacting quickly to gameplay, without taking your eyes off that major prize.

We’ve played this at Magic Planet, and our opinion? It’s utterly addictive! It may be that spinning disc, or the speed at which the gameplay happens the further along you get, but there’s nothing quite like getting a match and seeing a great prize drop into the claim zone!

There are three levels of prizes – a ‘prize every time’, a minor prize, and the one we all want – a major prize. The skill lies in your ability as a player to match the colour on the rotating disc to the fixed colours. You’ll need to be quick to get a perfect match, but don’t worry if you don’t quite get the hang of it at the start: once you’ve got your colour eye in you’ll be able to get closer and closer to a perfect match every time you play.

The challenges get harder and faster the more you play, so be ready to make your move as soon as you see the colours match up. It’s a single-player game so it’s just you pitting your skill against the machine. The prizes (especially the major ones) are amazing, but this is probably not the game to play if you suffer from colour blindness!

At Magic Planet, we’re always looking for new and exciting games to add to our collection, so that you are constantly challenged and entertained by something new and exciting. We predict that Color Match is going to be one of the big arcade games of 2020, so why not head over to Magic Planet today and get colour matching to win some amazing prizes?

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