Dunk Tank Prize at City Centre Deira

It might be simple, but at Magic Planet we are totally in love with Dunk Tank Prize! It’s cunningly tricky to try and get it right, so you may need a few practice runs before you can dunk the plunger into the prize holes and release your prize into the prize bin.

The principle is almost the same as a claw crane game. You use two buttons to position the plunger over one of three prize holes. Get it wrong and your plunger returns to its start position and it’s time to have another go. It takes skill to get it right, as you only have to be a couple of millimetres out and the machine will beat you again!

However, if you get your plunger in exactly the right position, it drops down into the prize hole and triggers the dunk switch. You’ll then see your prize drop down into the prize bin, where you can collect it straight away. Because it’s not a ticket or token machine, you get instant prizes that you can take away with you there and then.

This is a game that demands skill, coordination, and patience! And don’t think you’ll ever master this game either – every time you play it’s different, and it’s up to you to get the plunger in the right place to collect that prize.

At Magic Planet, we’ve got games for everyone, from ultra-modern laser games to classic arcade games that are great fun for kids and grown-ups alike. Dunk Tank Prize is suitable for all ages, making it a real family favourite. So are you ready to play Dunk Tank Prize and grab some goodies? We promise you, this is one game you’ll enjoy playing again and again!

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