E-Claw at City Centre Me'aisem

It might be one of the oldest and best-known of all arcade games, but claw grabbers are still as popular today as when they first drove people mad in the 1930s. Yes, that’s right, it’s been nearly 100 years since we first started trying to move a claw grab to pull out a prize teddy! And it’s just as tricky to play today as it was then!

However, the attraction of crane games hasn’t diminished, and we’re all still in love with this frustrating, infuriating game! Elaut has brought the traditional game right up to date with the new E-Claw. The principle is exactly the same, and it’s still just as tricky to skilfully manoeuvre that crane into exactly the right position to grab a prize, but we promise you, you’ll keep on coming back for more!

The new E-Claw game has been upgraded with brighter lights so you can see exactly where you’re putting your claw for maximum ‘strike value’. It’s a single-player game, so it’s a straight-up competition between you and the machine – and we’re still not too sure who’s going to win in the end! But when you do grab that prize it’s well worth the wait, as the E-Claw is stuffed full of adorable characters, all waiting for someone to come along and grab them so they’ll have a new home to go to.

Because it’s an instant prize game, it’s particularly popular with kids who just can’t resist those cuddly faces. Are you going to come to the rescue and use your skill and judgement to grab a toy from the clutches of the E-Claw? Get ready to grab (and grab again!) and win some great prizes with the E-Claw crane game.

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