Photo Studio at City Centre Mirdif (South)

Our smartphones have turned us all into photographers, and we’ve all got memory cards packed full of selfies, snaps and spur-of-the-moment shots captured on our camera phones. They’re fleeting, they’re great for sharing on Instagram, but then they’re often forgotten, never to be seen again. Bring the magic back into the art of photography with a visit to our Photo Studio Deluxe at Magic Planet.

This fully interactive photo booth takes those boring passport and driver’s licence pictures to a whole new level. Rather than just staring at the camera and saying ‘cheeeese!’ (and then blinking at exactly the wrong moment!), the Photo Studio Deluxe lets you create your own photos, complete with backdrops and adventures at the push of a button. You don’t have to be the only person in the picture either, as the Photo Studio Deluxe is big enough to accommodate you and your friends for some photographic fun.

The ‘Green Screen’ technology allows you to have any kind of background, and you can print out your photos to create high-quality gifts and presents for friends and family. This is a unique way to capture some memories, as well as producing a picture that could easily end up going viral on Instagram!

Photo Studio Deluxe will appeal to the diva in all of us – choose a Rockstar background or get the paparazzi treatment with a picture of you with your favourite star. We love this indulgent and interactive booth (in fact, you can’t get us out of it!) so why not head over to Magic Planet and ‘get the picture’ at a Photo Studio Deluxe booth?

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