Plucky Ducky at City Centre Mirdif (South)

Feeling lucky, duckie? Then look out for Plucky Ducky, right here at Magic Planet. Plucky Ducky combines old-school fairground fun with all the excitement of a grabber game and an absurdly infectious backing track. With a prize guaranteed every time, this is perfect for those with younger children who will love the quirky nature of this entertaining (and infuriatingly addictive!) game.

With music made up of honks and quacks, Plucky Ducky isn’t hard to find. Inside the gaming booth, you’ll see hundreds of highly-collectable rubber ducks, from pirate and princess ducks to ducks that look like basketballs and even owls (no, we haven’t quite worked out how that happened yet, either…). They’re available in a range of colours and waiting for you to grab them!

If you’ve never played a drop and grab game before, it’s deceptively simple but will take a little bit of patience and hand/eye coordination to get right. Use the joystick to move the claw into position and hit the pushbutton to send it hurtling towards your intended duck. If luck and judgement are on your side, the claws will close around your target and lift it into the chute, where you can collect it.

If you don’t grab a duck, don’t worry – you can try again, but hurry, as the countdown timer is ticking the seconds away! For those who really get things right, there’s the possibility of picking up more than one duck at a time.

At Magic Planet, we like to offer fun, exciting and challenging entertainment for players of all ages and abilities. While Plucky Ducky has instant appeal for younger gamers, grown-ups might find it more addictive than they first thought. With a prize guaranteed for everyone, you’re sure to have a quacking good time!

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