Winners' Ringer at Burjuman

We love challenging games at Magic Planet, and Winner’s Ringer is certainly that – depending on how far you want to go! It’s one of the most innovative prize redemption games on the market, and since we introduced it to Magic Planet, it’s proved to be a firm favourite with our customers – and us!

It’s interactive, it’s easy to play, and the further you go the more challenging it gets. The object of the game is quite simple – you have to press the drop button to release rings from a swinging arm. The more rings you stack on one of the poles, the better the prize you can win. If you want, you can claim a token prize once you’ve stacked seven rings, but why not go for the big prize and try to get ten rings stacked together? The trouble is, the more rings you stack, the faster the arm swings, so you need to be very quick and very accurate to get that elusive tenth ring in the stack!

This is a simple game, but it requires some serious skill to get those top prizes. Don’t worry, though – if you’re not quite up to the challenge you’ll still be able to win some great prizes for stacking seven rings. Sometimes, the simplest games are the best, and we’ve found Winner’s Ringer to be utterly addictive! Anyone can play, so it’s great for kids as well as grown-ups and is a good way to improve hand-eye coordination.

There are lots of arcade games to choose from at Magic Planet, from classic claw grabbers to more technical games like Winner’s Ringer. We guarantee this one will have you coming back for more – after all, that’s the only way you’re going to get that major prize!

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