Xtreme Big One at City Centre Mirdif (South)

If bigger is better, then hunt out the Xtreme Big One, at Magic Planet. Towering at over 12 feet in height, it’s hard to miss and you can pit your skills against one of the most exciting games in our entertainment centre!

Xtreme Big One is a crane game, but with a bit of a difference. Once you’ve taken in the sheer size of this awesome amusement booth (and it’s enormous, seriously!), the next thing you’ll notice is the sizes of the prizes! Xtreme Big One doesn’t do things by halves and you could find yourself walking away with a reward as big as a toddler!

Because there’s so much to play for, there are some extra challenges. Instead of the usual joystick, you’ll use four push buttons to direct the grabber and there’s a further button to drop it on your intended target. With fast-paced and a digital countdown clock, the stakes are high.

However, to help you aim true, Xtreme Big One is equipped with a unique bit of kit. In the centre of the grabber, where the grabber’s claws meet, is a Target Selector POV camera. What it sees is relayed to a screen on the booth, allowing you to position the crosshairs directly over the prize you’re trying to grab. It might seem like a bit of a ‘cheat’, but with prizes this good, you’ll want all the help you can get to grab a good one. Hit the ‘drop’ button when you’re ready and see if you got the aim just right!

Magic Planet is packed with games, but we’re always on the lookout for those that will entertain the whole family. While it will challenge your hand/eye co-ordination, Xtreme Big One is perfect for family outings, offering exciting entertainment for everyone from youngsters to seasoned gamers. Get it just right and you could be walking away with a supersized prize!

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