F5 Vortex at City Centre Ajman

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be right in the middle of a tornado? If you’ve ever watched the classic TV game ‘The Crystal Maze’ then you’ll have seen the vortex chamber at the end of the show, where contestants stand inside a globe while tickets swirl around them. F5 Vortex takes that idea and takes it to another level – those tickets that are swirling around you in F5 Vortex could mean some great prizes!

The principle is simple, but you’re going to need fast reflexes because as the logo says, ‘It’s a storm inside’! This is a single-player game, so it’s just you against the game. Step inside the chamber, close the door and press the button to start a whirlwind that swirls around your feet. The machine then adds those redemption tickets to the mix, and things start to get interesting!

Your mission is to grab as many of the tickets as you can in a set time and put them in the box. But you really need to be quick and coordinated, because those tickets are whizzing around you at breakneck speed. It’s like trying to catch the Golden Snitch in a game of Quidditch – it’s a test of how quick your reflexes are and just how fast you can snatch those tickets out of the air.

F5 Vortex is safe for younger players, so the whole family can enjoy a go in the Vortex! It’s a very different experience from your average arcade games and with so many great prizes on offer in our Prize Shop, the more tickets you manage to grab, the better the game. At Magic Planet, we love a go in the swirling maelstrom that is F5 Vortex, so are you ready to step into the middle of the storm?

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