Gum Drop at Burjuman

Now, this is definitely a game that’ll appeal with those with a sweet tooth! Although no gummi bears were harmed in the making of this game, the prizes are still pretty sweet, with a massive amount of tickets up for grabs if you can fill up the candy jar.

Gum Drop is an exciting new redemption game that features a goofy cast of character, a fabulous soundtrack, and a fast and challenging game that everyone will love. You need to drop a ball and time it so that it rolls into one of nine different channels.

Get that ball into the BONUS space and you’ll be able to play for an even bigger prize by using your goes to fill up that giant candy jar. Fill the jar and you’ll win a fistful of tickets that you can redeem in our very own Prize Store. Now that’s a sweet prize!

The 65” HD screen is lit up by thousands of LED lights for a captivating gaming experience. The 350w sound system draws you in and makes sure you’re playing in a totally immersive environment. Once you start, nothing else matters other than getting that ball to drop into the bonus space.

There are a thousand different possibilities, making it different every time you play. With fun animations, different levels of play, and a real ‘retro’ feel to it, Gum Drop is a real blast-from-the-past with a traditional arcade feel that’s been fully updated for the 21st century.

At Magic Planet, we love our classic game-play, and Gum Drop certainly ticks our box as a great fun experience for everyone. The more you play, the more tickets you can win, so why not get your teeth into a game of Gum Drop at Magic Planet?

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