Ice Ball FX at City Centre Ajman

The ultimate alley roller is back with an all-new look! Taking its cue from the original game and upgrading it for the 21st century, ICE Ball FX literally adds all-new ‘bells and whistles’ to take this simple yet totally addictive game to new levels.

The classic gameplay remains the same: groups of up to three players compete against one another to roll the balls up the alley, aiming for the central pockets to score more points. The more points they score the more tickets they win. Don’t think that the harder you through the more points you’ll get, though – there’s a degree of skill involved in Ice Ball FX. If you throw the ball too hard it’ll simply bounce off the Perspex cover. The trick is to roll the ball up the alley until it reaches the lip. This pushes the ball up and into the play zone where, if you’re lucky (and a little bit skilful!) it’ll bounce into one of the rings.

Each ring scores a different amount, and the top rings give you the most points so it’s worth practising! The balls then drop back so you can play again. The points are converted into tickets, which you can redeem at our prize shop for your favourite prizes.

It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s perfect for players of all ages. No matter how old you are, you’ll get that ‘carnival’ vibe from this classic game that’s been a favourite for generations. Get two friends and start a competition – who can score the most points in the shortest time?

At Magic Planet, we love Ice Ball FX for its simplicity and interactive game experience. It’s a game the whole family can enjoy, so why not see if you can achieve that perfect balance of speed and accuracy to score the jackpot?

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