Injustice at City Centre Deira

Based upon the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice Arcade has something a little extra from the usual, run-of-the-mill arcade game. Play this exciting game at Magic Planet, and you’ll get one of 200 collectable cards starring one of the DC Comic Universe characters. You can then keep the game going even after you’ve left the arcade – how cool is that!

The heroes and villains of DC go toe-to-toe in this exciting vending arcade game. Look out for the top players such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Arrow, and much, much more. Simply scan your card into the game using the card reader on the dashboard, and your character enters the game to do battle with some of the universes’ most dastardly villains.

It’s up to you to build up your very own ‘(In)Justice League’ of three top characters from a choice of 200.

This is a game that everyone can enjoy. Because it’s not a joystick game, it’s suitable for younger players as well as grown-ups, and the immersive nature of the gameplay really makes you feel like you’re battling alongside your very own favourite DC characters.

Series 2 brings the game up to a whole new level, with a brand new design and four levels of rarity, bronze, silver, gold and the highly-sought-after Platinum. You can mix them in with your original Series 1 cards, and be virtually unstoppable!

Injustice is a different style of gaming that puts the player in charge. Depending on what card you scan in can alter how the game plays out on screen. That makes it much more inclusive and engaging than the average shoot-em-up. Ready to do battle against Injustice? It’s one of our favourite games at Magic Planet, and you’ll quickly see why when you start playing!

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