Milk Jug Toss at Burjuman

Who would have thought that tossing a ball to try and get it into a milk jug would be so much fun? This traditional carnival game has taken our Magic Planet centres by storm and is a firm family favourite with fun for all ages.

The idea is simple – you step up to the line and use your skill, accuracy and judgement to toss your ball into the milk jug, or the surrounding holes. The more you get in the jug, the higher your score – it’s that simple! Every time your ball lands in the milk jug or the numbered holes, your score goes up. The higher your score, the more tickets you win. Those tickets can be redeemed for some fabulous prizes at our Prize Shop, so keep playing to earn those bonus tickets.

The game takes its cue from the traditional carnival stalls and has been decorated to resemble an authentic ‘carnie’ stand. While you play, a cheeky voice encourages you with each throw, or occasionally heckles you if you miss! Don’t worry, he’s quite harmless, and if you hit the milk jug he’ll keep encouraging you to try again to push up your score.

This game is all about coordination and accuracy, so it’s great for kids and adults alike. In fact, we usually find that the kids are better at this game than the grown-ups! If you get all of your balls in the jug you’ll earn the Super Bonus, which gives you even more prize tickets to spend in the Prize Shop.

It might seem very simple, but Milk Jug Toss is a surprisingly skilful game that’s incredibly addictive. At Magic Planet, you’ll find this and plenty of other retro/carny style games on offer, so step right up and let’s see how many balls you can get in that milk jug!

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