Pirates Fall at City Centre Ajman

Avast, me hearties! Splice the mainbrace, break out the cutlasses and let’s go hunting for treasure! Pirate falls is an action-packed, pirate-themed redemption game that pays a passing nod to the balancing skills of a certain pirate captain. Remember all those crazy adventures and acrobatics in the films? Well, Pirate Falls takes that idea and puts you in charge of the controls.

Let’s see how skilful your pirate is at multi-tasking! By simply moving the barrel controller left and right, players must keep their pirate balanced on the floating log while trying to collect the treasures that fall down the waterfall.

How nimble on your toes are you? The better your balancing skills, the more prizes you’ll gather. Collect the bonus letters and spell out the word ‘PIRATES’ and you’ll find your very own buried treasure in the form of a Super Ticket Bonus.

At Magic Planet, we’ve gathered together some of the best pirate games on the planet, for swashbucklers and privateers to test their skills. This one, we think, is one of the toughest challenges, but the rewards are well worth the effort! A Super Bonus Ticket can be redeemed at our Prize shop, which is full of treasures that’ll appeal to young cabin boys and girls, and old salty sea-dogs alike.

The barrel controller is brightly lit with LEDs, making this an immersive and great family game for everyone. The huge 47” screen makes gameplay a real pleasure, and the bright, colourful theme and graphics will appeal to younger players.

It’s a fast, furious and family-friendly game that’s action-packed and easy to play – well, as long as you keep your balance on that slippery log! Ready to see just how good your sea-legs are? Try your hand at Pirate Falls and discover a real treasure of a game!

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