Pirate's Hook at City Centre Ajman

Who wants to sit on a muddy riverbank all day waiting for a fish to take the bait when you could head indoors to Magic Planet and hook the big one? Pirate’s Hook is a fast and frantic ‘real’ reel fishing game, where the bigger the fish you catch, the bigger the prize ticket!

It’s a simple yet challenging game that will test your skill, your coordination and your timing. This arcade game appeals to the fisherman in us all – are you skilful enough to land the ‘big one’?

The game features a realistic fishing reel that has multiple tension settings and gives you the sensation that you’re actually battling that big fish on the line. In front of you is a video screen with some very tempting targets swimming by your hook. The aim is to hook the biggest fish you can to score the most points.

It’s a competition too, because this arcade game lets two players go up against each other in the ultimate Fish-Off. It’s a fast-paced game that everyone can play, even little ones. The more fish you hook the more tickets you win to exchange for some great prizes in our Prize Shop.

Pirate’s Hook is one of those games that will get you hooked – literally! We love playing this game at Magic Planet, and it’s one of our customers’ favourite games too. It’s bright, colourful, and there are no yucky worms on hooks to deal with – it’s all digital! The superb graphics make it a really interactive experience, and as you get more skilful at the game, you’ll win more and more tickets to redeem in our shop. Are you ready to play Pirate’s Hook? As anglers say – “Fish on!”

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