Rescue at City Centre Mirdif (South)

We’ve got an emergency on our hands! A building is burning and we need to get the firefighter to the top of the ladder to save the lady and win those all-important bonus tickets! Rescue is a two-player game that prospective firefighters will love. To be honest, we love it too – who doesn’t enjoy squirting water at a target?

This updated version of the classic water balloon game is much more immersive and involved, making it attractive for players of all ages. Your firefighter starts at the bottom of the ladder, but can’t climb up to the top unless you put out the flames in the different levels. It’s a test of skill and accuracy, and each time you put out the flames, your firefighter climbs a little higher. Whose hero will reach the top first?

Things get faster and faster the further you go up, so you’ll need quick reflexes and a sharp eye for this game. Play on your own or against a friend for even more excitement. Once you’ve got to the top you can pick up some bonus tickets as well which can be redeemed in our Prize Shop for your pick of the best prizes. The more tickets you win, the bigger the prize haul at the end of the day!

Will your firefighter get to the top and rescue the damsel in distress at the very top of the building? They can only do it with your help, so get ready to grab that hose and put out those flames.

At Magic Planet, we’re always introducing new and innovative games that, while they may have their roots in those fairground classics, put a different spin on family favourite games. Rescue is one of those games that is strangely addictive, and don’t worry about getting too wet, the game makes sure that the water stays on the burning building, not on your clothes!

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