Ticket Monster at City Centre Me'aisem

Gaming is a great way to have fun, but how could it be even better? Why, by adding prizes, of course! Ticket Monster does exactly that, by giving players the chance to build up tickets that can be exchanged for gifts ranging from pens and keyrings through to some serious, big-ticket prizes.

This bright, colourful game will appeal to all ages, and the promise of a prize at the end of the session means that you’ll keep on playing. Players step up and pull the handle to spin the monster's big tongue. When the tongue stops, players are awarded tickets. However, the more you play, the closer you get to that all-important Jackpot prize.

The bright colours and bold graphics will appeal to younger players, and the cheerful music is bound to grab your attention, even if you’re over the other side of the room. He’s big, he’s loud, and he’s got plenty to play for. The Ticket Monster is probably one of the friendliest monsters you’ll ever meet, and with so many prizes to choose from, the more tickets you win, the more you can grab at the prize boutique.

Tickets are guaranteed with every spin, all that’s at stake is how many you’ll get. Will you walk away with 25 or 40 tickets, or will your luck hold out and will that Monster Jackpot be all yours? With twin ticket dispensers, you’ll need to stay sharp to make sure you grab all your tickets as they come out. The game works incrementally, so the more you play, the more tickets you win. At Magic Planet we love Ticket Monster and we know you will too.

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