VR Rabbids at City Centre Deira

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride is a two-seater, coin or card-operated arcade ride that sports a D-Box motion base. You can choose from three unique experiences, full of twists, turns, thrills and spills, for an all-ages VR attraction that lives up to the hype! Offering true 360 ̊ views with action in every direction, riders are immersed in a unique experience every time.

The Rabbids are a phenomenon that has swept the gaming community, with their goofy, gap-toothed grins and total disregard for anything remotely normal! This VR game captures the spirit of the Rabbids, and throws in a bit of extra immersive sensations for kids and grown-ups to really enjoy. You’ll genuinely have the wind in your hair as you career down a ski slope with no thought for your rapidly diminishing sanity! The D-BOX Motion Platform will throw you around as if you’re racing down that ski slope, so hang on tight to the hand-rails. The multi-axis synchronised movement puts you right in the heart of the experience, giving everyone the ride of their lives.

Suitable for all ages, it’s a laugh-a-minute experience. Choose from any one of three insane rides, each one stuffed full of twists and turns. You’ll even get to see the reactions of your fellow gamers thanks to the audience-facing Cabinet, so you’ll be totally engaged from the second you slip your VR headset on. Even the audio is convincing, and all part of the experience.

Ready to go skiing with the Rabbids? Here we go!

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