Wheel of Fortune at City Centre Me'aisem

Since it burst onto American TV screens back in 1975 Wheel of Fortune has been an international success that has franchises in countries around the world. However, this fun family game of chance isn’t just available on the TV – at Magic Planet we’ve got our very own Wheel of Fortune for you to try your luck with! The arcade version may be smaller than that giant TV wheel, but you’ll recognise it instantly. It has the same wedge-shaped segments with various scores on. Only this time, those scores add up to tickets that you can redeem in our prize shop. The more tickets you win, the bigger the prize you can choose!

Wheel of Fortune features the same thrills and excitement as the television game show. Contestants turn the spinner & wait for the giant wheel to stop on a value. However, to add an extra challenge to the game, each spin reveals a letter. As the letters unveil, you guess the phrase and complete the word puzzle to win the big prizes.

It’s a simple principle, but because Wheel of Fortune is so familiar to all of us, it’s like you’ve been waiting to play it all your life. The big, six-foot wheel itself is instantly recognisable, and the game has an added soundtrack that’s taken directly from the TV game, so you’ll feel like you’re the star of the show from the very first spin. Get ready to spin and solve and remember, the more times you spin, the easier that word puzzle gets and the better the prize at the end! This classic game is definitely one for all the family, and the bright colours and cheerful soundtrack will appeal to younger players as well as grown-ups who just love that ‘retro’ gaming experience.

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