Bazooka Blast at City Centre Mirdif (South)

Pile them up, knock them down - Bazooka Blast is a fun, easy and safe game to play where players can push the trigger and fire to knock over the targets. There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the jingle of the targets as you hit them square on with a soft missile. At Magic Planet, we love this simple, ‘old school’ game that’s fun for all ages.

And we really do mean ‘all ages’ too – as this is such a simple concept, even the little ones can get in on the action. As the gun cannot be activated until the operator pushes a button in the booth, you won’t worry about wasting your shot too early. The aim (quite literally!) is to knock all the targets in the tower down to win prizes. There’s really nothing more to it than that, and we think it’s all the better for being so simple. It means you can have as many goes as you want, but you better make sure you’re on target, otherwise the tower stays in place and you miss your chance at a great prize!

The booth can seat several players at once, so you can have competitions with each other to see who is the best Bazooka Blaster. Settle down on the stool, wait for the operator to load your bazooka with a soft foam missile, take aim, and fire! If you’re good, that missile should be able to take out the tower in one go (our top tip: aim for the middle row!).

While there’s plenty of bright and colourful games to play at Magic Planet, we’ve found that our customers keep coming back to Bazooka Blast time and time again. Why? Because it’s good, simple fun that the whole family can enjoy. So are you ready to start playing Bazooka Blast today?

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