Alien Armagedon at City Centre Me'aisem

How come we never meet any friendly aliens? Well, unfortunately, in Aliens Armageddon, they’re bigger and more vicious than ever, and it’s up to you and your mates to escape their clutches, make it to the cargo ship, and head away from a ravaged earth to find a new place to live without the worry of insectoid aliens finishing you off.

Aliens Armageddon throws you into a nightmare world where a Xenomorph plague has ravaged the planet, causing utter and complete devastation. A few plucky survivors remain, and the only hope for the continuation of mankind is to fight through the ranks of snarling aliens to a deep space cargo ship and blast off, leaving the earth behind.

Sounds simple, but those aliens are tricky characters and not easy to kill, so you’re going to need to be fast on the trigger and even faster on your feet if you’re going to make it to that spaceship in time.

The LED cabinet features a 55” screen and enhanced gun system that turns what could be a run-of-the-mill alien shoot-em-up into something much more immersive and entertaining. You’ve got to fight your way through four intense levels of non-stop action, so don’t think you’ll get any chances to pause for breath before the next attack comes at you!

Synchronized light and sound gives this game a real-time feel that’s genuinely exciting and leaves you breathless. The cutting-edge graphics are brilliant, so you can get up close and personal to those aliens and see just how ugly they actually are!

Leader boards show the scores – can you out-gun your mates and lead the last survivors of earth to safety? This is an intense and thoroughly enjoyable arcade game that we’re proud to include in our range of shoot-em-ups. At Magic Planet, not only do we keep you entertained, but we get you battle-ready just in case some of those less-than-friendly aliens show up for real!

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