Cruis'n Blast at City Centre Ajman

At Magic Planet we love our driving games, and this one has to be one of our favourites. Cruise’n Blast is the new generation of Cruise’n racing video games, with all of the excitement and thrills you’ve come to expect from this excellent stable of immersive driving games.

Settle into the comfortable gaming chair, surround yourself with lights and audio that takes things to a new level, and strap in, because if there’s one thing this game is, it’s fast! Thrilling speed, scenery that comes at you faster than maybe you’d like it to, and some seriously sick FX puts you right in the middle of this insane game, leaving you breathless and wanting more. You’ll be plunged into a cruising cockpit simulator, and surrounded by HD SuperGraphics where the line between fantasy and reality gets just a little bit blurred. Top that off with some exceptional audio input, courtesy of the Thrill-D Blaster sound system and you have a game that sucks you in from the moment you press ‘Start’.

Choose from some of the most iconic cars in the world, including the Lamborghini Veneno, the Nissan GTR, and the Corvette 206. Because the cabinet is enclosed, and you’re just a few inches from a super-high def 42” 1080p HD LED TV, those cutting-edge graphics are just going to blow you away.

Link up with your friends for a race none of you will ever forget. We’re sure you’ll just want to keep playing and playing, but if you do get tired simply take a break, go and grab a drink and a snack and then come back for another round of gaming. Suitable for gamers of all ages, whether you’re an experienced driver or have never even sat behind a steering wheel before, Cruise’n Blast will introduce you to an exciting world of driver gaming.

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