Dragon Punch

Been working out in the gym? Or do you think you’ve got a punch that would knock out Mike Tyson? It’s time to unleash the beast with the Dragon Punch, a test of strength and speed that lets you get rid of all that inner tension by punching the leather ball as hard as you possibly can.

Dragon Punch not only tests your strength, but your speed and your reflexes too. This computerised boxing game will fire up your trip to the arcade, and chuck in a bit of healthy competition between you and your mates.

The game comes with a clear electronic display that’ll tell you exactly how hard you hit that leather ball. Bust through the previous highest score and you get another go. This is a game where you get a chance to hit that punch ball more than once – as long as you really put your shoulder into that swing!

Don’t worry, because the slimline design of the machine minimises the chance of injury (our top tip: if you’re a spectator then don’t stand to the side, just in case your friend misses the ball entirely!). The punchbag offers plenty of resistance, but the soft leather makes sure you don’t hurt your hand when you land that knockout blow. The newly updated response pads measure just how much power you’ve got in that right-hander, and measure the strength of the impact to give you your score.

Are you ready to step up to the plate and deliver a knockout blow? The Dragon Punch may be a simple concept, but our customers love it and keep on coming back for more!

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