Fast Track Air Hockey at City Centre Deira

Never underestimate how seriously some people take air hockey – there are world championships and leagues all across the planet! At Magic Planet, we love air hockey (we’re not quite up to world championship standard yet, but practice makes perfect!), so we make sure we’ve got plenty of air hockey games for everyone to enjoy. The SAM Fast Track Evo air hockey table is a massive 8-foot long, so you have the very best in air hockey gameplay on a championship-sized table.

The low-friction, backlit methacrylate playfield ensures that puck doesn’t stop moving as it floats along at breakneck speed on a cushion of compressed air. The overhead gantry is fully illuminated so you can see exactly what’s happening on the table, and predict what your opponent’s next move will be. As always with air hockey, the principle is simple – you have to get the puck into your opponent’s goal to score points.

Don’t worry about that puck flying off the table – precision-engineered rails and a Perspex screen keeps everyone safe, and the puck in play. You win when you reached a pre-set score, or up the competition by setting a time limit on the game. Bright graphics and a great soundtrack make this an immersive and intense experience that’s bound to release the competitive streak in everyone!

The Fast Track air hockey table is probably one of the best known of all the tables, and is popular throughout the world. At Magic Planet, we can’t get enough of this classic game. It’s excellent for improving your hand-eye coordination, and the speed of the game will certainly keep you on your toes!

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