Mario Kart at City Centre Mirdif (South)

That cheeky little Italian plumber and his mates are at it again! Mario Kart has to be one of the all-time top games for both consoles and arcade games, and Nintendo has updated the original to set karters a whole new batch of challenges to test their driving skills. New karts, new features, and an immersive LED-lit cabinet puts you in the driving seat. Give yourself a brand-new identity with the Funny Face Frames, where you can squeeze and stretch your face into a caricature that’s perfect for this whacky, quirky game.

Choose from one of three game modes: Versus, Co-Op, and Grand Prix, where you’ll get the chance to play various rounds at different levels of skill. Versus gets everyone involved, so link up with four other players and try to outsmart each other with some outlandish driving and sneaky tactics!

Fancy teaming up with a mate? Go for Co-Op, where one of your drives while the other one shoots at your competitors. You’ll keep on coming back for more with Mario Karts and you’ll never get bored, with 40 rounds over five cup levels on Grand Prix, and plenty more gameplay on Versus and Co-Op. Take your pick of any one of 20 different karts that can trigger any one of 90 different items, making the gaming possibilities of the new and improved Mario Karts endless.

If you love retro gaming but with a brand new twist, Mario Karts is definitely for you. Settle into that comfy seat, grab hold of the foam-covered steering wheel, and get ready to take on Mario and his mates on the track. We love Mario Karts, and we know you do too, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to play this exciting version at Magic Planet.

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