Slalom Air Hockey at City Centre Deira

Are you passionate about air hockey? You’re not alone – around the world, thousands of people play this exciting game regularly. There’s even championship events and leagues, so you know that air hockey is a serious sport! We love it at Magic Planet, which is why we’ve got more than one option when it comes to playing one of the world’s most exciting tabletop games. Slalom Air Hockey is right there at the top of our list. Why? Because it’s got a curved playfield, that’s why!

The reason this makes such a difference is that the curved sides of the playfield (which is dish-shaped rather than flat) create a more stable cushion of air for the puck to ride on. It also keeps the puck in play much more easily and speeds things up to lighting pace. The SAM Slalom Air Hockey machine is for players who are deadly serious about their air hockey!

It’s a very different technique to playing on a flat surface too, so even if you’re experienced you may have to rethink how you play the game. The curved playfield means that the air cushion stays more intact and closer to the surface, reducing the friction on the puck. All of that basic physics means that you get much faster gameplay, so you better limber up before you step up to the table! You don’t have to worry about the puck launching itself off the side of the table either, and you can keep tabs on the score via the overhead scoreboard.

It’s bright, it’s colourful, and with a pumping soundtrack to get you fired up, Slalom Air Hockey is an intense workout as well as some seriously good fun. Grab yourself a mate and get slaloming!

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