Sonic All Star Air Hockey at City Centre Me'aisem

You know that anything associated with that speedy little critter Sonic is going to happen at a million miles an hour. Well, his Air Hockey table is no different! The Sonic Sports Air Hockey table has all the pizzazz of the prickly little prankster, giving you a super-fast gameplay experience. Air hockey is one of the most popular tabletop sports in the world, so if you haven’t given it a try yet, now’s your chance. At Magic Planet, we love our air hockey, and we especially love the Sonic version that is guaranteed to keep you on your toes!

It’s usually a two-person game, but Sonic isn’t happy unless everyone’s joining in with his shenanigans, so the Sonic Sports Air Hockey table is great for doubles matches too. The puck zips around the table on a cushion of compressed air, and because of the scratch-resistant, super-slick playfield it travels at quite a speed. Don’t worry though – safety guards are in place with a clear Perspex guard between the two halves, so everyone is safe and that puck stays in play all the time without flying off across the room!

We all know what a chatty fellow Sonic is, so this table comes with a themed audio component, with Sonic cheering you on to ever faster and more intense play. The aim of the game is simple – to get the puck into your opponent’s goal as many times as you can. Sounds easy, but trust us, keeping up with Sonic takes some doing, so make sure you’ve limbered up before stepping up to the table! Suitable for players of all ages, Sonic Sports Air Hockey is especially popular with the kids – now, if they could just get the adults off it for a while so they can have a go!

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