Time Crisis at City Centre Ajman

20 years after Namco changed the game with their innovative Time Crisis arcade game, the action-packed adventure series is back. This isn’t a game for the faint-hearted – Time Crisis is bigger and badder than ever. The game is still a first-person on-rails light shooter, but now comes with better graphics across 55” screens, a redesigned pistol, and a brand new dual-pedal cover switching system.

The principle is still the same as before. There’s a serious threat to the country and as part of a covert team, it’s your job to eliminate security threats. There are six different scenarios, three of which are interconnected and increasingly challenging. You could be doing battle on a ship that’s slowly capsizing (just to add even more tension!) or you could be going toe to toe with a violent terrorist group in South America – can you rely on your buddies to watch your back?

You’ve got a limited amount of time to complete each level. The unique cover system means you can step on a pedal to have the character come out of the shadows and attack enemies, and then, like a ninja, vanish back into the shadows. Time Crisis 5 has not one but two pedals, so you can catch your enemies unawares as you pop out from where they least expected you to!

Watch out for that ticking clock – time is limited on each level so you need to get your eye in quickly to defeat your enemies. You’ve also got falling debris to dodge, work your way through a sniper level, and tackle slow-motion target sequences before going up to the next level. Time Crisis is challenging, entertaining, and engaging, definitely a game for those who love playing video games like Call of Duty.

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