Transformers at City Centre Me'aisem

It’s one of the most successful film franchises of modern times, spawning three movies, a million products and some pretty awesome games too. At Magic Planet, we love Transformers and have added this amazing game to our collection of first-person shoot-em-ups. Are you ready to join the battle against the Decepticons, before they get a chance to take over all mechanical control of the earth?

Transformers Human Alliance sees you partnering up with three of the best-known Transformers, the mighty Optimus Prime, the deadly Sideswipe, or everyone’s favourite yellow and black mechanical marvel, Bumblebee. With their help, it’s up to you to fight your way across the US, Africa and Europe, wiping out the deadly Decepticons and stopping them from finding the All Spark. Why’s that such a big deal? Well, if they get their hands on the All Spark it means they can bring any mechanical or electronic object to life and control them. That’s bad news for humanity, so we need to make sure that definitely doesn’t happen!

The cabinet is fitted with a 42” LED screen so you’ll get to see every laser shot and every second of the action. You’ve got five different cities to defend, so you’ll need to get your eye in quickly if you’re going to tackle some of the tougher Decepticons. It’s a two-player game, so make sure you’ve got a friend you can trust on the other set of controls.

If you’re wondering where our Transformers cabinets are at Magic Planet, just look for the bright yellow artwork. As we said, everyone loves Bumblebee, so the gaming experience is focused around that adorable and feisty little Transformer – we bet we can guess which of the three Transformers you’ll be fighting alongside!

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