Typhoon at City Centre Deira

If you love a driving game but are getting bored of the same old race tracks (or, forgive us, Mario! The same old cart games), then have we got something for you! Typhoon is a totally immersive (and utterly addictive) arcade game that gives you a choice of six exciting scenarios – from an insane roller coaster that dives you down into the throat of a giant snake, to adorable baby carts driven by hamster friends that sees you dashing around the floor of a living room! (You see things from a hamster’s perspective, so those chair legs are much more of a hazard than you think they are!)

What makes Typhoon so much more than just another driving game is the exceptional motion platform that can replicate up to 2Gs of acceleration and up to 400 movements per second. That translates as one heck of a ride! You’ll feel every bump and stomach-flipping drop on the roller coaster ride, through to every skid and rumble as you race downhill or through a cave. Add in a huge 42” high definition LED screen and even a wind machine to heighten every sense, and you’ll almost forget you're actually sitting in Magic Planet’s gaming centre! A crystal-clear surround-sound system takes things up to a whole new level, and there are even a few optional upgraded scenarios that’ll have you gasping for breath!

The twin seats mean you can bring someone else along for the ride, and go head to head in any one of the six different scenarios. The different rides mean that Typhoon is suitable for all different ages, so if you’re a big Mario Karts fan but want to try something a little different for a change, this is definitely the game for you!

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