Immersive Gamebox


Mix up your socialising with something a little different and get ready for immersive group gaming with dates, mates or family! Step into the Gamebox and enter a fully-private, interactive digital room featuring projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking, and surround sound to enjoy a hyper-immersive adventure.

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  • 60 mins
  • 30 mins

Available locations

  • City Center Mirdif
  • City Center Al Zahia

Immersive GameBox FAQs

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  • alien-aptitude-test


    It’s 1984, the aliens have taken over Britain, and they’re moving on to the next step of their invasion; grading the humans to see who is worth keeping around. Can you survive the scrutiny of these extraterrestrials as they grade your group from E- to A+?

    City Center Mirdif
  • ticket-to-mars


    Tech billionaires have founded a new colony on Mars. Can you help with humanity's fresh start by mining enough Elonium (most humbly named by Elon Musk) and set up the largest colony possible? Blast off to the red planet today!.

    City Centre Mirdif
  • squid-game


    A new game based on the hit Netflix series: Squid Game. In this 60-minute immersive, digital adventure, grab your friends, put on a visor and prepare for Squid Game. You will participate as a contender in Squid Game and have to survive all six challenges from the show. Using our 3D motion tracking visors and touch screens around the room, you will need to survive each challenge to advance in the game. Every time you lose, you lose players’ lives. Every time you win, earn money in the piggy bank. Recommended for ages 16+

    City Centre Mirdif
  • James bunny: casino tropicale


    Agent James Bunny, we have a mission for you. Our intel suggests that Francisco Salamander, notorious mafia boss, is using the shady Casino Tropicale as a front for his criminal activities. Your mission: infiltrate the casino, find out what Salamander’s up to, and take down the operation from within. This is a challenging game, recommended for people aged 12+ who have played at Immersive Gamebox before.

    City Center Mirdif
  • Psychedelic mansion


    This is a CIA training program. Test your suitability for a career in international espionage with 4 different types of evaluation. You have an hour to complete as many levels as you can. Welcome, agents, to Psychedelic Mansion. This is a challenging game, recommended for people aged 12+ who have played at Immersive Gamebox before.

    City Center Mirdif
  • Angry birds


    Play the first ever multiplayer Angry Birds slingshot game! Grab your friends and family to play our life-sized Angry Birds game. Using 3D motion tracking and touch screens, two players at a time will control the slingshots to launch all your favourite Angry Birds from both sides and take down The King Pig once and for all. With over 50 levels to play, this game is perfect for groups of adult friends, and families with kids aged 5 and over.

    City Center Mirdif
  • Shaun the sheep: championsheeps


    You’ve been invited to take part in the next Mossy Bottom Championsheeps event! Join Shaun and the flock in a series of interactive games inspired by sporting events around the farm, and work as a team to win. Fun for all ages!

    City Center Mirdif
  • Temple of coins


    In this quick fire 30 minute adventure you'll dodge ghosts, supercharge on power ups and collect coins as you and your team make your way through the temple.

    City Center Mirdif
  • immersive-game


    From June, you can unleash your inner hero and lead the PAW Patrol team on missions to save Adventure City! Immerse yourself in the hit TV show as you play fun rescue missions alongside Ryder and your favorite four-legged friends. This interactive digital experience lasts 60 minutes with a short break in the middle for any young pups who need a breather. Can you sniff out the clues, solve the problems and lead your pack to mission success? Suitable for the whole family, ages 3 and up.

    City Center Mirdif
  • magic-planet


    New York City has been overrun with supernatural activity! But, don’t worry, the Ghostbusters are on their way! Dive head first into another dimension with our brand new game, Ghostbusters: The Cursed Collection. Your mission: Recover the cursed artifacts that were stolen from the Ghostbusters Firehouse and capture the ghosts wreaking havoc on the city. You may even recognise a few! Think you’ve got what it takes to join the Ghostbusters team? We’ll see about that!

    City Center Mirdif