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Gravity Air Park

Gravity Air Park

Gravity is here and it’s bigger, better and more intense than ever! Located at Magic Planet Mall of the Emirates, Gravity lets you take to the skies while you face some of the most complex obstacle courses and thrilling challenges. Wobble your way through Air Mountain, scale the epic Climbing Wall or battle through the rough and tumble of Biff n’ Bash for hours of unadulterated fun!

You can also chill out on the Bubbly Bed with cushiony pillows that gives you and your friends some extra bounce. For little ones, there’s a Toddler Zone with a ball pool—it’s the ideal way to introduce them to the Gravity experience and have a fun family day out.

Once you’ve experienced the all-new Gravity, solid ground will start to feel very dull! Age is no bar and there’s something for everyone—big and little kids alike. Have the time of your life at Gravity at Magic Planet Mall of the Emirates.

Safety Guideliness
  • Minimum height requirement: 75 cm
  • Maximum numbers of users: 100
  • People suffering from high blood pressure, neck, spine, or heart illness or injury, broken or fractured bones, or any other conditions that could be aggravated by this attraction are not permitted on the inflatable
  • Pregnant women are not permitted on the attraction
  • People of determination should be accompanied by a guardian
  • Items such as balls, cameras, phones etc. as well as food and beverages are not allowed on the inflatable Eating and drinking while jumping is strictly forbidden
  • Socks MUST BE worn at all times, bare feet bouncing and grip socks are prohibited
  • Magic Planet reserves the right to remove any guest who contravenes any of the above safety guidelines.
  • 30 Mins AED 45 per player

  • Unlimitted Access AED 80 per player

  • Socks AED 5 per player

  • Access is only for kids above 75 cm

Only Available at

  • Mall of emirates
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