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  • E-Claw at Magic Planet


    It might be one of the oldest and best-known of all arcade games, but claw grabbers are still as popular today as when they f...

  • Color Match at Magic Planet

    Color Match

    This innovative and brand-new game is very different from the usual shoot-em-ups that you’ll find in most arcades. This...

  • Bling King at Magic Planet

    Bling King

    Most grab claw crane games have the same old prizes – cuddly toys and teddies that appeal to kids. But what about us gr...

  • Photo Studio Deluxe at Magic Planet

    Photo Studio Deluxe

    Our smartphones have turned us all into photographers, and we’ve all got memory cards packed full of selfies, snaps and...

  • Pick N Mix at Magic Planet

    Pick N Mix

    If you fancy a sweet treat before heading over to the next arcade game at Magic Planet, we’ve got you covered. Our Pick...

  • Drop The Hook at Magic Planet

    Drop The Hook

    If you love grab claw crane games, you’ll love Drop the Hook. This takes the original concept of the classic claw game...

  • Winner's Ringer at Magic Planet

    Winner's Ringer

    We love challenging games at Magic Planet, and Winner’s Ringer is certainly that – depending on how far you want...

  • Candy Factory at Magic Planet

    Candy Factory

    Who doesn’t love a little bag of sweet candy to nibble on while you’re playing arcade games? What’s even be...

  • X-Treme Big One at Magic Planet

    X-Treme Big One

    What’s better than a claw grab game? A BIG claw grab game! X-Treme really lives up to its name as the ‘Big One&rs...

  • Dunk Tank Prize at Magic Planet

    Dunk Tank Prize

    It might be simple, but at Magic Planet we are totally in love with Dunk Tank Prize! It’s cunningly tricky to try and g...

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